Basic token exchange

Would be nice idea if they did a basic token exchange or something like it. Maybe 20(or any other denomination) basic tokens get you an elite character token. Just my opinion, but would be a nice idea for those that are overloaded with them and are sick of selling it all off because they are mostly useless for higher level players


Love the idea! Token exchange would be awesome to get rid of those basic tokens

I don’t get why we have an option to buy 30 Basic Tokens for 3600 Coins. Seriously. Anyone has ever bought that?

Never bought a basic token, even in the beginning when I had nothing

Even if you could just trade them for food or materials, because you are just going to do that anyways. It just takes forever to do it Scopely’s way.

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Last time I asked support I had something like 14k tokens. now probably they’re even more.
Could be interesting to have them exchanged for something more valuable.

Not on purpose but I bet someone has :frowning: