Basic attacks doing 0 dmt?

When I’m doing basic attack it is doing zero damage can someone please explain this to me?

Evasion. When kapoor has full rush bar, dmg are reduced to 0. Same with Violet etc.


This is called Dexterity - any damage gets reduced to 0 if it is basic. Dexterity, in turn, is a lovechild of Tenacity (decrease to 19% HP if the killing blow is dealt to the target with more than 20% hp left) and Evasion (described above).


So the. Why do some attacks hit & others don’t

Evasion doesnt reduce all damage to zero. It just reduces so much damage, so if toons don’t have a high enough attack stat on top of Kapoor’s high defense, 0 damage is possible


That’s a better explanation. I’ve always wondered why certain toons seem to always hit Kapoor for 0 damage while other do cause damage and the ones who get 0 are my weaker attack toons. Makes sense, I just never bothered to look.

What annoys me greatly about this is you don’t get any AP when Kapoop reduces it to 0.

Same thing happens when AD blocks attacks. You get jack squat for it

If he is reducing it to 0 it’s because the AP is already built up to 100

Is that a good attack team? How does it work for you?

The evasion(+100% from defense) + Sum of defense - Damage from your character = the damage your cause, Kapoor is a extreme tank, if u use a support to attack it, won’d cause any damage… it is frustrating i know, but sounds promissor ta had some guy like he in defense team, to combat the biggest players, whose use some powerful support.

Not a bug just (dexterity) evasion working - the higher a toons ap bar is the more the toon can reduce damage dealt to it. Kapoor has a full ap bar so he can reduce more damage than if his ap bar were half full. You need more powerful attacks to cause damage (utilize attack up, defence down, ap drain, trait advantage etc)

Doing 0 dmt?

Dmt is insane, i want to try it one day, supposedly everyone has the same trip

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Works good in my region, pop holly 2nd turn then They can’t gain ap, turn keep em stunned with Ajax works pretty well

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Whoops meant to say dmg lol, dam auto correct :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea just picked up half a G, white sand sand all day baby!

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