Basic and Helper Token Replacement Suggestion


At this point in the game, 1* characters and weapons are useless for the most part. Getting basic and helper tokens are more of an annoyance than anything else.

Since ascendance is the obvious focus of the game now, I suggest replacing basic and helper tokens with Ascendance Tokens. The wheel can have a wide gamut of prizes, the most common of which are trainers - Burt to Benedict, ultra rare upgrade gear and ascendance and legendary medals. Rare drops can include rarer gear - schoolbags, walkies and gear needed to get 6s to tier 3, Adens, Liliths, Ulysses and trait trainers. Even rarer drops can be non-premier ascendable 5 toons.

Like the current helper tokens, a certain amount of these Ascendance Tokens would be needed to make a pull - 20 or 25 maybe.

While not a perfect fix, this would address complaints of lack of fodder toons, ultra rare gear, legendary gear and difficulty raising 6* adrenaline rushes and active skills


Agreed +1111


They just need to set the ratios back to what they were before, in the past you mostly got 2 star characters with weapons and 1 stars here and there and maybe a 3 star one in 30 times or so, not it’s mostly weapons and 1 stars.