Based on Scopely's decision to reset Andrea, will you still stay subscribed to Survivor's Club?

  • Yes
  • No

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Take me The Fox


Foxes opinion before everything hit the fan :rofl:


Never was, never will be.


Yes of course.

People exploited a bug that wasnt intended, and they knew that special gear was needed. It shouldnt be a surprise that scopely is FIXING something that wasnt supposed to happen-everything you spent will be fully returned. People are just salty they cant get undeserved rewards…


I didn’t know I don’t keep up with it like everyone does I saw her in their offer and said hell yeah, didn’t read much into it either so when I saw normal gear needed to lvl her ofc I did it during level up

I already unsubscribed

Only whales will vote yes :joy:

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Can scopely please rollback my premier recruit 4* Olivia…I wanna 6*, it’s not fair…!

They didn’t fix the trainer map screw up though

Or the assault ticket screw up

Or the Viktor promo pull screw up

Or the Wendy war screw up

Or the disassembly screw up

It’s not the morality of the decision most are frustrated by, it’s the inconsistency. Most players feel the bugs and issues that affect them negatively are pushed aside or ignored with little communication or compensation, but the ones that lead to unintended gains or benefits are quickly snuffed out, and in this case, rolled back/reset.

Now personally, I feel things have improved in may areas. Our new CM is pretty excellent at his job, the forums and spotlights are full of useful information straight from the devs, and between league store and the recent wheels/events, active players at all levels have new chances to progress that they’ve never had before.

This is a chance to respond in a way that shows they aren’t unwilling to own their mistakes.

I’ll keep the SC subscription for now. I’m hoping something will happen that will make it the attractive offer it was always supposed to be, instead of the disappointment it’s in danger of becoming.



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Thinking comes before action.

So that’s what I’m doing. Watching, waiting, and seeing what will happen.

Then I’ll act.


or the 3 year anniversary tokens screw up lol


No worries. I look for any excuse to drop a ron gif. I wonder how he would feel about all this…



That’s her Reset

Absolutely ■■■■■■■ disgusting. I’ll never buy your shitty ■■■■■■■ description. Give me back my money, trainers and 2 stars



I want all my shit back also.

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Idk if I will keep it. I’m undecided. This with the many other fiascos they have had that they never fixed has me thinking no but we will see. Almost no point in having andrea if you cant use her though

I’ll be canceling.

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