Baseball caps and lettermen jackets

Can we have a option to buy baseball caps and lettermen jackets with season tokens and league tokens. If you spend your career in diamond levels you will have a surplus of season tokens that are good for nothing. @JB.Scopely


Yes please!

I’d edit out that ‘or’. Switch to just season and then you’d be unable to get both toons. Don’t offer them a wrong option lol

We need something else in there for sure. Already bought all the toons this season and have over 100k. And it will just keep increasing.

Convert to league tokens?


I have got every toon and every weapon so far and I am at 85k season tokens right now. They are wasted. Unless I just happen to take a season off.

I like my convert idea I came up with 50 seconds ago lol. I’m only saying your phrasing says to switch the currency to Season>League. Not good for lower leagues


But that won’t help the lower folks so that is why I said both or well meant both just changed it.

Lol, it’s pedantic I know but don’t give them leeway

I’m going to see they just increase the prizes from the League chars. So we don’t have to blame about our unused League tokens

Maybe they should make more toons that are worth a damn, all 6 spots should be ascendables, bring back weapons but i do like that covert to league tokens idea but knowing scopes it would be something dumb like 1 to 1000 ratio

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