Base 4* weapons

Run out of melee parts for crafting and don’t have any decent 4* ranged weapons to start crafting. So got me wondering:

  1. What are the best (each class) 4* weapons to craft on?
  2. Best way to find them (for free)?

The best ones to craft on are always those with high base status (30 attack/crit/defense/HP) depending on what your needs are of course.

Best place to get them for free is to farm them I guess or using tokens in wheels or depot :blush:

Which stages to farm I sadly don’t know anymore but I would just do 25.8 - I’m sure others have other suggestions :blush:


Depends on what you want from the weapon.

Offense: you usually want atk and attacking ap which means you’d want

Reinforced katana (green), Jesus’ blade (yellow), Military shotgun (blue).
There isn’t really a red one readily available; your options are Spec ops SMG or Negan’s SMG.

Defense: pretty much the only general thing is 30% hp or def

Dwight’s club (green), Ice climbing pick (yellow), Lee’s shotgun (blue), desert eagle (red).

Just about anything with a good special effect is good (stun, abs def, impair, etc.)


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