Barnwell Region

Have any of you heard of the region called Barnwell? I’m just wondering if we are notable to anyone in the game besides ourselves. If you have, is there anything in particular that is noticeable, or are we just a run of the mill region.

what should people be noticing

It shows that the region is high activity

We have 3 main factions, in which I am the leader of one, and I was wondering if other regions were as friendly as ours. We all know each other, and global chat is never silent.

Nope. Never heard of it. Sounds fun. Congrats.

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Barn what???

Sounds like a great place, what wave is it?

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Whats your faction name?

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New Sanctuary

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Wave 3B i believe

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Why not set up a mini and go exploring.

You may be pleasantly surprised or you may be horrified and appalled.

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Heard Berkeley is better.

Im coming to Barnwell. AND TAKING OVER!!!

Jokes… sounds good, stay in wave 3 for as long as possible, thats my advice.

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I did that and most people in gc were rude as fk not friendly at all. Only 1 person was friendly there

Sounds like the typical region.

Did you do that in Barnwell? Because they love to do that when people from other regions come to scout.

Will it be open for inbound transfers as part of wave 3?

Barnwell isn’t open …despite also being on the wave 3b open list that was posted in october

Darn it. Trying to find a wave 3 region to transfer too, my old account was Barnwell. Good folk !