Barker's Weapon Suggestions?


Hey everyone, I was looking for some suggestions for Barker’s weapon. I know he isn’t the best 6 star but I feel he has his place. I was going to run him as a lead for his huge AP on attack, and potentially down the road behind yellow rick, who also gives huge AP on attack. With a 58 AP, I’m leaning towards not adding an AP boost to his weapon but not sure if that’s a mistake or not.

I was thinking +30 attack, +30 def, +35 bonus def from enemies >60% hp.

Does anyone have a nice barker weapon that they really enjoy? Going for abs. def. first but using +35 as a fallback.


Seen some with abs and another with AP to all which is nice. Huge AP and def


Do you think he will miss the +30% attack? Or his he not really banking on his attack much because of the low AR % only being 200%


Yeah not worried about his attack. Doesn’t hit hard anyway. Maybe behind a rick lead.


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