Barker Stash has wrong gear


@kalishane … the Barker stash gives chances at tier 4 gear… for GREEN characters… it should include whetsones and knife sheathes, not hockey masks and gauntlets… hope this gets fixed before anyone spends their hard earned coins on this stash.


Hahahaha. Silly scopley


I was just about to post this exact thing. Nobody should be buying barker anyways lol


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter I don’t think anybody is going to buy barker


What’s next Kelly stash


£400 for the 2nd worst 6* in the game, complete the stash and win a free visit to the psychiatrist


nearly all my toons need gear


Willst i agree those buying the stash should get a completion reward of a one way ticket to crazy town, I don’t agree on him being the second worst six star. In the right situations he can be great, although I do appreciate that such situations are limited making him less useful than others


Funny when I actually see people that wasted the gear to 4 tier him


hes a joke…lol…


He looks cooler than he is


Nah the gear is fine. Use it to upgrade Carl or shiva lol


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