Barker stash FAIL


Your on a role scopely. Yes another fail.

Legendary gear in stash doesn’t even match Barkers trait.


I swear they’re just testing our sanity at this point.


Clearly we have none because we keep sticking around.


I haven’t logged in since Monday, sticking around to see if they’ll ever change their ways. Not likely as it’s getting hilariously worse and worse each week


2% to pull barker. I think it was .6% to pull ron


something seems funny with the odds. Looking at previous stashes they matched item/total. This one doesn’t. Is the pull algorithm weighted? @CombatMan


Lol! That’s hilarious!


From one Barker to another…


I kinda wish they made the stashes even remotely tempting.


They probably would release Knox Stash but someone saw and fired the dude who did the stash and changed on the last second for baker


The Stash odds don’t make sense to me. I’m not a mathematician by any means, but how can the odds to pull Barker be 2% when there’s only one of him … and there’s 90 items in the stash?


I mean, clearly they must be rounding up, no? Which is still odd since they use decimals in other odds. When I use a calculator I get 1.111%


Doesn’t ascended Barker look similar to “The Wanderer” or is that just me?


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