Barbour Region Needs Merge!


Our region is dying as well as many others as I can see, and you guys are letting it happen. Why not merge us with another closed, similar region? Or re open it! So many people are quitting, big spenders too. And it will continue if you guys don’t do something. We’re all are very strong and active and still growing! Too late for a lot of us to change regions and start over… It’s not fair to everyone who worked hard to get where they are, especially to those who are dropping thousands of dollars on this game. Save Barbour please! And your game.

Region mergers make it happen already

Save Barbour!


Damn right you are Reck!

@Scopely make this happen. It would be a shame that a region is duing within a year. We became a lot stronger but want to grow further. Help us please. Re-open or merge us!

Oh yeah and release the 6* Dale already!

With kind regards, Troubadour (barbour region)


100% Agreed. Reopen this region or merge


@Scopely You can’t let our region die, we won’t let this happen… so do something!


Our region is suffering. Most factions aren’t full cuz there arent enough people to fill the slots. How do you expect us to do crw with regions who have far more than our region? We want our region to be able to compete fairly. Open or merge us!!!


Mr. Niceguy concurs.


@Reck If your region is open up to new players what are fair things with can be done to help the new players grow up to a competitive level, and not feel like lambs to the slaughter?

I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Thank you.


Add it to the list of ignored regions in need of attention

How sad is your region? Appling reporting in

The top faction has a few guys who are running 4*. We share crafting territories regularly. While war can be a curbstomp at times, pretty chill as far as a region goes. And there aren’t any quote /quote “whales” to really speak of. Though some do spend.


If they are willing to be active they can join our top 5 factions. Like said all factions have open slots right now in Barbour.

Also people come and people go. The more people there are in a region the more there will be switched between regions.

When new people start they will get beaten. But they will also progress. So lambs to the slaughter? Nope.
All leaders of the barbour factions agree on this matter.


I fell bad saying it, I wish it wasn’t true. Scopely does not give a shit about you or your region. Its really sad to see so many cries for help. They have options, but the cost/benefit ratio does not work out for the powers that be. R.I.P.


Yeah I noticed after I made this post, we’re definitely not the only dying region. I’ve only played this game three months anyone can catch up in our region… Maybe. A merge would be a lot better but you’re right, they don’t give a shit. It’s sad but hopefully something happens or more and more will quit.



Hello my new Faction mates! :slight_smile:


Don’t we wish… Some like the easy road. I prefer the hard road less followed and full of personal achievement. Damn shame