Barbed wire ROADMAP?


I know multiple people state they’ve not gotten all the needed barbed wire many in our region only need 75 which i believe was a missed milestone on one of the many level ups we’ve gotten in order to obtain the toon. Can there be a flash roadmap for barbed wire? And a flash roadmap for the ak74? After the current roadmap events end tomorrow?


I’m in the same boat, just need a few more barbed wire and I’ve already acquired the needed shirts. I just wish there was another way other than a sky high 750k level up milestone to get them.


Pretty sure this is it, the milestones for faction level.

She did say it wasn’t going to be easy.


I would go really hard in this lvl up if i knew i could get more after. Im short by 240 and this solo lvl up will give me just 175 by reaching the 1.2 million milestone


Not fair, I think there were more opportunities to get the vests


What is stupid about this whole thing, is they could have just stuck to the “players first” as they promised and just given us a flash roadmap or something. It would have been far more generous that making super high milestones.

Then people say, “Oh well not everyone was supposed to get dwight.” Really? Thats funny because the game is already built around premier toons gaining adantage to begin with. The least they could do is throw the rest of us that don’t spend out of our asses for nice toons every once a while. I said it before and say it again, with all the crap that we put up with, getting a free toon every once and a while isn’t to much to ask. Thinking any other way is just plain elitism. And I don’t have to honestly put up with that kind of thinking in my gaming. So will be quitting if I don’t hit milestone and get dwight.


Outside of monthly pass I don’t spend on this game, coins from videos and offers do the trick (when I don’t get pooched by Tapjoy)

I have both Dwight and the AK as well as had one pull with plastic pieces, took a lot of grinding but it paid off.

I think a lot of people took a wait and see approach, everyone was so focused on being outraged with milestones that they just stopped participating. Events wore on and those that chose to sit on the sidelines and shout about milestones are now for the most part short of gear.

It really does suck, it’s brutal that I hit 500k in two separate back to back level ups and am struggling for the faction level up, but I did it because I don’t trust that there will be a make up roadmap.

I’d rather be in the drivers seat and control whether or not I got Dwight / AK then sit in the backseat and hope that something comes along to top me up.

I think we all see bags coming with vests and barbs for sale, I don’t want to burn coin on that so I pushed every chance I got.

It’s not just the whales getting Dwight, 28/30 faction mates are ftp and last check we had 19 claimed Dwight’s and a few closing in.

I’m not preaching, I’m not trying to pick a fight and yeah it may be easy for me to say this now because I got Dwight… but it was a grueling grind.


This is exactly why I missed the parts partially. That and i usually don’t participate that much in level ups compared to others. The milestones are just so damn high to get the rewards. So I just do whatever and get whatever I get. And why the hell do they put these parts you need for stuff so high also. Just put the majority of the pieces needed at the very bottom and things like benedict or 6star gear at the top. 20-30 shirts for tier 2 milestones isn’t enough at all. should be like 70 shirts for the first milestones. That way all you have to do is participate and you get what you need.


Spot on.