Banning accounts and temporary suspension

Banning and temporary suspension of accounts has gone a bit overboard. For example our accounts in my fac have been banned for saying the word “site” we cannot say the word “cans”. I have been banned 24 hours for trying to say the name if a player, “Dixy”. During league seeding this hurts considering I put in work in the game and spend during events (currently missing raid event). My suggestion is consider overturns for bans for obvious fault in your algorithms that detect things against your policy which, clearly, are not at all. I enjoy the game faults and all, however, restricting game play without cause is not acceptable. Thanks for reading


Just do what a lot of us do now and don’t talk at all while in game. Makes playing SO much more fun…


Im a #1 fac leader , I kind of need to. But yeah see it is getting to that point. What’s the point in community or facs at all then at that point?


Bots shouldn’t be in Faction chats, no reason for it at all,the leaders can control things if anyone steps out of line, just Crazy


Its ridiculous and i hope you don’t expect any response from a cm because when he tried everyone was roses and rainbows so no issues :hugs:

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Actually it has been happening, I know a few people from a side region that used words like “Strip Mall”, then showed us they had gotten banned for saying it.


I have not been banned yet, but I have found plenty of silly words getting blocked. We had “SR minimum” blocked, “Raid Cans” blocked, and had several members had to change their names because no one could type them. The most recent was when I tried during war to say “I need to sleep, my eyes are getting twitchy”. it came out “I need ## ######, ## #### are getting #####”. What could possibly have been flagged in that sentence? It’s a nuisance more than anything. I have basically given up on chat in game.


I’ve yet to be banned. Been playing since near enough the start. I don’t create drama never been offensive and never bullied anyone. Will admit to calling someone out on global who threatened and continually openly harassed someone even reported with screen shots… guess what happened nothing… since chat bot come in I’ve had innocent words censored several times now and seem others randomly given 24hr ban. it isn’t working as should and hasn’t improved anything… region war event chat still at times allows offensive openly racist behaviour with no swift remedy


We had a guy put on a 24 hour chat ban for saying ws. He dont chat a whole lot but was banned for calling a tower?


It’s clear that everytime you get censored a mark goes on your account, same for if the system feels for you’re spamming (tower calling). After enough marks a human intervenes, and given the large amount of people banned for nothing controversial, they’re just passing off bans without moderating what was actually said, or don’t understand game vocabulary. Hence when I ask Support why exactly I got banned, they decided they wouldn’t share that information. My guess being that the moderator didn’t bother to find and highlight anything bannable before pressing the button.

It’s ridiculous and needs removing from faction chat at the very least. If they’re not going to bother moderating, remove it altogether.


Ok, I got some clarification on this, and a message that it’s being worked on still.

Temporary account suspensions, where you can’t even login to the game for 24 hours, are always reviewed by a human. This human is going to look at ALL 5 areas that are moderated before enforcing an account ban. You can be sweet and innocent 100% of the time in faction and global chats and still get suspended for what you’re saying in private inbox messages.

Temporary chat suspensions can be automatically triggered by a spam count - this is why players are getting suspensions for calling towers. It’s also the area where they’re concentrating effort right now. We’ve provided a list of common war words that should not trigger a spam suspension because it’s common for us to use them frequently in chats.


Funny how some basic communication on an issue halves the problem. Glad they’re not settling with the current system as it is. Thank you LadyGeek

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Good to see some of this information and that they are still tweaking things. But with the amount of people reporting “unwarranted” suspensions/b@ns (I say it that way since some people seem to legit have no reason for b@ns/suspensions but there are always 2 sides) you would expect/hope/think that Scopely would make a formal announcement about how the system is still being worked out with some more factors being added to help prevent false b@ns. And even give these people a chance to address why they were b@nned so that evidence can be provided if they indeed were out of hand or just spammed suspended.

It’s just a shame it has grown so much as it has and caused so much discontent with very little official word that it will improve. Especially since the intent should be to not dumb the game down and the way we communicate but to prevent harrassment


Myth 1: Someone or a group of people must have reported me!
Reality: You can get a temporary account ban even if no one ever hits the report button.

Myth 2: I was autobanned!
Reality: While a spam trigger can result in a chat suspension, account bans do not happen without review by an actual person. Apparently this person is Mary Poppins.

Myth 3: I never talk in global so my own faction reported me!
Reality: In addition to the fact that you can get banned without anyone ever hitting the report button, the chat filter monitors 5 different areas of input and aggregates them. Meaning, you can be sweet and innocent 100% of the time on chats and still end up with a ban for what you say in inbox messages.

Myth 4: I was banned for something I said on Line/Forums/Discord/Kik/Twitter/Facebook
Reality: The people reviewing your in game chat logs have access to your in game chat logs. That’s it.


Curious how thisll hold up as every faction uses different variations for calls. Seems counterintuitive that words need to be OKd versus blacklisted.

My faction likes to say good morning a lot.

Could the person now reviewing all the potential banned people develop some best practices

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I think the filter should be removed from faction chat, tbh. It’s not only acceptable that I call my faction lead a mf when he single pulls Alice, it’s expected. Hell, it’s kinda expected I’m going to call him that every day whether he has a lucky pull or not.


Given the new information, I still maintain faction interaction should be free of any moderation. There’s a reason I have 30 people and it’s not from being rude to them


Exactly. The technology isn’t smart enough to tell the difference between playful name-calling and harassment. Players shouldn’t be punished based on the former.


this here, its my fight to call people ive played for 3 years with mofos.

Strangers in global then not so much


A faction mate got banned for saying one word so this is not true…but it was a really bad word.

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