Banned players still in tourneys


Exactly what the title says. Banned players staying on tournament leaderboards. Currently Coosas #1 in SR tournament is a player that was just recently banned. Why are banned players wiped from everything but current tournaments? hes not ahead by much so someone will pass him to take #1, but what if someone cheats and puts up scores impossible to beat legitimately? That banned account would have won the top rewards even tho no longer there, is this just an oversight on scopelys part? I would think if account was completely wiped they would be removed from even ongoing events.


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I know, but i couldn’t remember or find if this had recently been brought up, so figured didnt hurt to bring to scopelys attention. Better now than before it happens to someone when there are good rewards for people to fight for :blush:


Its been a problem since the beginning of the game, in the first part of my post(A brief history of cheats in Our region) it was an old account that had been banned but stayed in the tornament rankings,unfortunatley doesnt look like there will be a fix or rewards redistributed


That’s where I saw it! It’s been bugging me because I thought I’d read it somewhere, must not have been putting the right combo of words in the search bar. Sorry for repeating then :blush:.


Nah not a spam post really, been a while since that screenshot perhaps 8 months or so, some screenshots here would be useful to highlight the problem to scopley


Edited the post, dont have recording on my device so had left the pics out before since can’t show its the #1 guy I clicked on to get that profile, but i went ahead and put them up now


Temp beat me to it. Yeah, he’s listed as #1, banned today apparently, but still holds the #1 spot.


Oh so it quite hasnt gone unknown just yet .thats strange, id update this post where his profile pic goes on the leaderboard to highlight the problem like this from our last raid tornament


Yea I’ve checked they all still show names and leaders in the tournament ranking until you click the profile. If it changes before the end ill update it with new pictures