Banned no reason at all


Recently I was banned for harassment. I have never harassed anyone threatened anyone yes had few disagreement with few never malicious. Basically all got from support is bs. Not understanding. My account taken from no reason at all this what got from support

![Screenshot_20180930-064033|281x500] (upload://crarII2CRro8wJrigm79AtDj6D8.png) there anyone acutely help from support @JB.Scopely


That’s too bad


Sounds like you can appeal, which is an improvement over how it was. Just don’t be abusive. And don’t get your hopes up :frowning:


Oh…that sounds Exacly like me.If they Unban you in jumbing off a…Bouncer…Cuz it’s the exact same with me.


Good for scopley. People reported you for inappropriate behavior in global chat.

I am glad scopley is cleaning up global chat. I don’t mind language or some good back and forth, but some global chat is plain offensive and so inappropriate.


If you actually didn’t harass anyone, then they need to stop worrying about people who did nothing and start worrying about actual problems out there.



Better if they banned the people who reported - for being snitches.

There is nothing a person can say in global chat that justifies stripping them of product that may have taken them a vast number of hours and/or money to earn

its just words on a screen, hell not even that.
It words on an irrelevant, optional, aspect of a phone game.


Ah, yes, we should jail the people who call 911, not those who commit the crime.


if they are wasting police time then yeah.

“Hello police - somebody just said something I don’t like on the in-game chat of a phone game!”

“Thanks for letting us know, we’ll be right around to put you out of your misery”


If it violates the ToS, they deserve the ban. Yes it’s words on a screen but people should be able to enjoy the game without seeing all the garbage on global chat.


and they can

its an optional part of an optional game


Then you don’t know what is the internet.If I wanna be toxic I can.We spend alot of times and maybe money on those accounts and that will not be taken away cuz of someone too sensitive to get it.Reminds me of the glory days where I would talk about the communist manifesto for 4 hours straight and get away with it.


I know exactly what the internet is. This game is not the internet. If a company has rules they can enforce them. Just like other forums have rules and can remove offensive posts. The company is simply enforcing their policy.

I do agree that some people are too sensitive, just look at the left. Everything offends them. But some of the posts in global chat are not someone being too sensitive, it’s pure garbage.


They won’t help you.
They wouldn’t recover my account I lost access to even with 100% proof it’s mine, it’s unlikely they’ll unban you.


Yes, global often sucks.

Its not however Scopely’s job to be offended on our behalf.
(I’d say its their job to fix territories, but in fairness its pretty much just their job to count the money we give them)

IMO Destroying somebody’s account is far more offensive than anything that anybody could type into global.

At the very least they should ban both the offender and the offended.

Anybody who thinks that their right to not be offended trumps the other player’s right to play with what they own is at least as bad as the person who is being naughty in global.

Either ban nobody or ban both/all.


Of course, you are The King, and you can do what you want to do, in the real life and even on in the internet, but the consequences will arrive one day :wink:.
If the game has rules and you don’t want to follow the rules, so the game has the right of banning you, because they don’t want you playing the game.


It’s optional, but people want to read global chat without reading children’s garbage.
It’s optional to be banned too, if you want to be, Just break the rules and wait.


and other people want to fill global with garbage - their fun is wrong huh?

as I already said I don’t see why/how people being “offended” is of more value or significance than say Cheech910’s account


It’s like real life.
If you have fun doing something against the rules, you’ll be punished. If you have fun, killing or injuring people, okay, it’s up to you, but you’ll go to the jail.
The game has rules, if you don’t agree, don’t play it or ask for a rules changing or break the rules and be banned. It’s simple.


@GitGud is “above the law”