Banned from using chat for no reason

I just got banned from using chat for no reason. All I have been saying this weekend is nothing but mh (mayor’s house) in faction chat. I dont even epeak in other chats. These screenshots are the only moments i said something else but mh.

I also recorded recent activities in all chat and nowhere but in fc will you see my name and all the mh’s I’ve been typing. But dont know how to put it here.

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Get your stupid chat bot out of our faction chats and let the leads take care of in house business.

Go and police the CG.


It’s obvious that you have tried starting a revolt when you critized THE COMPANY. They banned you rightfully because we all know you wanted your teammates to riot and stop s p e n d i n g.

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I actually dont care much about the ban since once again I rarely speak and said nothing else but mh anyways. But please fix this, as I can imagine same happening to other players who might care. @GR.Scopely

What did you mean by the m followed by the h?

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Mayors house

War tower

Then idk why you were banned. Maybe it thought you meant sthg else.

Do you not see the trolling that can be done with this? @JB.Scopely maybe when the whales are locked out during a war weekend and you lose thousands you will spring into action but in the meantime i will be on the hunt :smirk: hope none of them say anything in gc :hugs:


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