Banned after updating to beta


Hey guys this is nuts. I just updated to latest beta then I went to check out the new content and tried going back and I got this error; content2

then I cleared my cache and let it re-download. Then it took me to the ban page!

this is insane then I see on my game it shows a different account code than my normal account! Now my account code after clearing cache it shows a completly different account code, which is banned. Wtf guys?


Take down ur actual account code


What do you mean?


@JB.Scopely any help or advice with this??


Don’t see why you guys bother with beta. It always causes issues.


The first picture with your account code someone can use it to steal ur account


Well won’t help them much if it’s banned =/ besides I have proof of purchases


Better to delete that picture bud.


You’re not banned. This message happens with beta. Contact support or wait for the update to go live.


And yeah, take your account code down asap.


OK thanks I took the account code down. I left beta and downloaded the public version now it keeps saying:

What a mess. Now it wants to force me to sign up for beta again and then it’s probably gonna do the same banned thing again. Sigh



bump…hope they fix it soon.


Lol, why would anyone want to be in beta… 90% of all the updates they’ve ever put out are game breaking for beta users


Once(if?) This gets fixed, im outtie5k. Never goin back. Beta can suck it. They should just in house test.


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I’m also done with beta. My game just got fixed. Started re-downloading the cache files on its own. Not even gonna think of going to beta region.


No compensation though…


I like beta, and testing stuff out early. I’m a hands on learner, and it gives me an opportunity to play with new changes before it is live. But, I’m also intelligent enough to turn off auto updates, and not run an update in the middle of an event, so it doesn’t affect anything live. People apparently never learn from all the other times it has messed up things mid war.


Apparently neither has Scopely!