Banned accounts still on leaderboards


If my account is still on the leaderboards after it was banned, does that mean it’s not a permanent ban??


I think the leaderboard run by third party

Or they are different department
Don’t know each other

I mean
They don’t know nothing


I played almost 3 years… Since the beginning and they banned me saying i threatened someone… But that’s not even close to being true. I think it was a mistake and they just can’t own up to it.


You remind me of Steve Smooky.


My question still didn’t get a definite answer. Has anyone ever heard of unbanning someone??


No, have never heard of anyone getting account back after getting the banned message


If account is still on leaderbroad it’s not completely banned I had 1 in my main region get banned from my faction this year the whole account was gone soon as it happen. Other region I play atleast 20 got banned accounts are gone forever


Yeah it been 3 months and my account is still clear as day in that leader board. But scopely did say it was permanent.


Lol can we rename making fake posts on here to “Steve smooky-posting”


Who is Steve??


To answer your question, no. I don’t think anyone can be unbanned, so you only have one chance.


Give it up, smook. Ya done.



Not really


And who tf is Steve smooky ?? Cause it sure isn’t me.


We are all Steve smooky in the end lol


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