Banned accounts coming back 2 days later?


1st I want to say thank you from coosa for banning the hackers right before war but I also want to note the same players that have been banned are now creating new accounts. Why is this even possible? In a week or 2 weeks we will be back in the same boat as they have figured out how to work the system in their favor :neutral_face:! @kalishane


Hit em with the Ban Hammers again Scopes! Give em the Ip Mac Address credit card AppStore Apple ID play store google email Facebook super ban.


They created a new account 15 mins after that first ban…they were there for war btw…


If it were up to me I’d embed a virus that causes their device to explode when they attempt to create a new account.

That’s why I’m not a developer… or a good person.


Nah, those cheaters need a multi-platform, multi-account, anti-VPN, anti-MAC address changer, anti-fake ID, anti-emulator, anti-cheat engine, anti-regedit, anti-drunk goku, mega ban wave with no chance of ever coming back.


Good luck


its funny how all the people you assume were cheating never got banned …also,no one can get rid of drunk goku,he is eternal and savior of us all




Lol really


cant get banned if you do nothing wrong


some prison time, problem solved. lol