Bandanas? What are these for

what are these for?

Looking cool of course :laughing:


These look like the same Bandanas used to upgrade Marlon and Rosie. Knowing scopley they’re reusing the design for some other event probably.

Lol probably. Or seen posts of people asking for a chance to get those


If you actually click a Bandana when you preview the bad it actually tells you it’s to upgrade Marlon and Rosie🤣. I could have sworn that they were a lighter green before lol.

scopely, thank you for answering my prayers and giving me some of these goofy level up ideas from days past.


Still have all mine leftover. To bad not for a new toon. Have NEVER used Marlon Rosie. Not counting yellow 6*

I like completing things so welcome the chance to upgrade my toon. Before getting the bag I needed 7 bandanas, I now need 6!

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Some people asked too much for more bandanas on recent posts and Scopely answered. Nice move :+1:t2:


To wear,duh.

This Marlon & Rosie

Questionable :joy:

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The tier up item really should have been fresh trout :rofl:

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It’s great that they’re actually listening and have given this roadmap for the people who need it.


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