Banana split drop rate

not that it’s a big deal but looks like the banana split drop rate has been significantly reduced. ran it 15 times all got 1…

Yup. Noticed that too. Don’t know why it’s such a big deal to them but I feel like it got nerfed.

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I was getting a 30 in every 6 map set I ran at the start now it was all 1 and 2 and one 15 the last two sets.

You bet they nerfed it lol they hate us and cant stand to even give us the most basic 1* gear of gloves and shirts, let alone some banana splits to get some 5* toon gear lol

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Oh scopes will give you a banana split

But this kinda one

Same here… The first time I ran it, was getting at least 15 on most and a few 30s… Now it’s all 1s :frowning:

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