Banana gate coming soon

Another hour for everyone to collects all these bananas.


I can’t wait cause you know it’s gonna happen lol

I’ll be on with my fingers crossed

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I never get Nothing!

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Opportunists intensifies


This time, I have my full focus on when the gate will be opened. :grin::grin:


Maximum effort

There should be some sort of line group set up by now to notify opportunists, when an opportunity arises seeing as the #gates are occuring on a very much needed regular basis🤔

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i thought that already happened.

Wait for it here it comes…super hero landing

What bananas XD??

Am I missing something with this event?

Doesn’t look like a money maker

It is that bad an event that it doesn’t even need a gate at this point. Even if there is a gate, people will just be like ‘meh’. It really is that bad.


Took long than I thought for leafgate to happen

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