Baltimore territory frak up

So…members of my faction and I tried to take the Baltimore territory during the Special Territories Event on 11/09/19 from when it opened at 10:00 PST. They took it sometime before 10:30 PST, but the game reset and we had to retake it again - I had one team defending it but my faction mates had more.

I used an energy refill to help retake it. I got 3 hits in. Just before I used Hit#4, I saw that we still needed to kill over 5,000 walkers.

But when I finished Hit#4, we had “retaken” it.

This is utter BS. My faction is good but it’s not that good. The only explanation is that the game reset then reverted to just before the reset.

But I wouldn’t have needed to use a refill if we had been given credit for taking it the first time.

WTF? Scopely talks about stopping the cheaters - but they’re the biggest cheaters of them all!

This was Scopely’s response.

Does anyone see a problem with it?

I do.

You see, they’re saying we had the Baltimore territory since 19:00PST.

So…who the f had it for the first 9 hours???

Oh…wait…MY faction has had it. We have held the Baltimore territory SINCE 10:45 PST ON 11/09/19! Not 19:00!

Own up to your mistakes, Scopely! And give me back that refill!

OMG, this is just too funny:

My faction and I held the Baltimore territory THE ENTIRE EVENT!

WTF, Scopely???

Ummmm. To capture a territory all you have to do is kill more walkers than other facs before the time is up.


Read more closely.

Our faction TOOK the territory AND placed teams there.

The territory THEN reset to 10,000 walkers - NOT opposing faction’s teams.

We then had to kill walkers and fight for the territory AGAIN.

I would not have had to waste an energy refill if the territory had NOT reset.

Furthermore, we held the territory the ENTIRE WEEKEND.

But Scopely reps claim we only held it from 1900 PST.

My faction and I had teams there FROM 1050 PST - which is when we RETOOK the territory after it STUPIDLY reset itself!

That reset is a known territory bug. :woman_shrugging:t5:

That may be so, but for this company - that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from people who have that kind of money (or use Russian hacker sites for discounted coins) - to claim their logs don’t show that we had control of the territory is an outright failure on their part.

It makes no sense to blame the player base like this. One territory refill is not like asking for an S Class toon - or for 250 coins per one useless Day of the Dead token.

If they’re aware of the bug, they should be working things out with the player base so that players will continue to play - not put up their Wall of Denial because of their incompetence in programming code.

This happened in my region too. A faction took Baltimore within 10 minutes of it opening. About 10 minutes later, it reset and booted them. At the same time they got booted, another faction magically took a territory with about 7,000 walkers to go.

Scopely needs to fix the territory crash and glitch issues before releasing another event like this, or proactively credit players energy for these glitches. They’ve been happening long enough that they should be able to use the game logs that support keeps referencing to independently identify when a crash or glitch occurs, and which factions and players are detrimentally impacted.

Territories have been around for several years. Why is this still even happening? Why is there not a concerted effort By Scopely to fix the issue, rather than allowing it to persist and refusing to resolve the issue for the players who lose their resources as a result?

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End of day you took it and held it. Let it go and accept the loss of one stupid territory can.

Why the endless moaning about it?

Territory is a broken feature. The territory so called events are plain boring. Yet you still came out of it with more than others in your region.

I’m not a scopely supporter and my faction took and held a territory with ease. I spent endless cans I had stocked from the michone event initially and had few crashes but who didn’t or doesn’t when comes to territory’s

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My “endless moaning about it” isn’t the fact about losing the can to the TerritoryGlitchGate - which for reasons unfathomable continues to exist despite years of people criticizing it.

It’s about their faulty logs. Scopely claims that we didn’t take the territory over until 1900 PST. They also claim that some other faction held it for the first 9 hrs.

However, we took it from the start, took it back because of the reset, and held it until the end.

But their “records” don’t show that.

Do you see what I’m getting at???

Imagine if this sort of record keeping is being used for…the toons you pull. “Our records show you pulled ten 5* toons, not the premier WangFa toon that you have in your screenshot. I’m sorry this isn’t the answer you are looking for, but that is what our records show. We cannot credit you the toon.”

Or for…your purchases. “Oh, but our records show you only spent $1 on this purchase, not $100. I’m sorry this isn’t the answer you are looking for, but that is what our records show. We will not be refunding you the other $99.”

Or even for…your account. “Our records show that your email address, Facebook account, and credit card information were never associated with the game ID that you provided. I’m sorry this isn’t the answer you are looking for, but that is what our records show. We cannot return ownership of the account to you.”

Edit: Someone at Scopely FINALLY looked more carefully at their logs!

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