Balancing the game because defense are useless

With all the last toons and some 5*, any defense has become useless.
In my fac we blow up lydia or gabriel defense in 4 rounds, to not say 3… It is clearly not normal and the game is clearly unbalanced now…
All the game needs serious rebalance…

Dont use lydia or Gabriel defense then


Would agree with that, but only p2p has them 3 or 4 turn teams… only way to stop that is to make some super op def toon… which would lead to much more crying here on the fourms

Game is built on unbalance, you can’t bring balance without pissing people off. I think Bruce being available to free players(with some elbow grease) probably means they’ll be something that blocks disarms more reliably

Free revive,decap next day

Specialists skill: unbreakable
Character can never be disarmed
Active skill revive
Ar bonus hp to all , remove all penalties and focus to four

Mail me a check scopely


That would have to be on the weapon through as that is what is being broken

Defense down -100 characters and Attack up +200 incoming BOOM!

Defence down resist mods are the new meta

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