Balancing Kapoor

Yeah that’s a major issue another counter to him is to use him against other Kapoor as maim is just as good

Good old Yellow Martinez is my Kapoor Killer, confuse with the active skill, Rush with bleed and then lacerate until Kapoor is done. Bleed and Lacerate, I tend to leave K for last, no problem.

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Jua jua juaa YUMIKO in 2020 ::joy:: ::joy:: you have 0 princess?? Really…
::joy:: :joy::

Should grab Zander when he was in leagues and Bruce Allen. Add those 2 to the mix. Zander commands and disarm, Bruce confuses with Yumiko that gives you added help. If you didn’t get Zander, get Maggie tomorrow. She’s a control toon and jiafeng is a bleed toon will go nicely with angel and should be enough to drain old Kapoor out.

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Some ppl don’t have the time to grind endlessly or the money to spend on this game.


He honestly needs a buff if anything he’s almost completely useless other than taking a couple extra turns to get down but I just leave him for last most of the time and just turn on the auto for him and other useless toons that can go off with no consequences

Pro tip: Never ask to balance a F2P toon

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Do you have a princess? Even as a 6* she really neuters Kapoor with his dexterity. Priya is also a great toon to aim for.

Normalize is to specialist skill what daze is to actives. It stops them from working.

6* Princess been great this war for me with a terrible upgraded weapon which I just did with some prestige quick finishes.


He’s basically a punching bag. He adds no value to a defense from my perspective. Maim him, burn or bleed him.

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Not really. If you don’t control him, his active can be annoying when we’ll timed. His AR, even with a okay amount of maim, comes with a significant defense buff.

And in arenas, he can often be an annoyance to make you take more turns and lose potential points.

OP try to collect enough Ice Cream cones for Priya asap, then as long as you hit Kapoor on T2 or T3, he won’t be using that Active at the most inconvenient time.
OR if the Yumiko you mentioned is yellow not blue, you can collect for Laopo instead and use Yumikos active to make sure Laopo goes off Turn 3 (with huge lead and v large to huge weapon). Then Kapoor and all of his team mates will be prevented from ARing and using their actives. With this route you need a good shield though as you can’t risk Laopo being controlled or have ap loss at any point or she won’t go off in time.

he is good but just to drag out your match in war

For me Kapoor is the same thing as a 5* toon absolutely weak, but I’m a 1+ year player. Just perspective vision, for advanced players he is a very low class fighter, for rookies or something, he is powerful.

I leave Kapoor until last because he takes the most effort to kill, and by then I can just auto until the match ends.

As I take out Kapoor’s teammates, I taunt/stun/confuse him so he doesn’t use his active skill. Heal reduction also helps a lot. Charlie is very useful because he taunts and has heal reduction. Toons might have taunt/stun/confuse resist mods, but rarely any have heal reduction resist :slight_smile:

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Disarm Michonne can still drop him who is your attack lead?

I use Charlie in wars against Kapoor teams and I approve this message. Lol. He’s fantastic against Kapoor. Not only the HR but his damage is good enough to knock Kapoor down a peg. Then add princess with that taunt and normalize followed with Christas damage and DD and he’s done. Lol.

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