Balancing Flak Jacket & Beanie wool


Scopely can u make me balance from got a beanie wool and flak jacket… i really have problem with that from begin :joy::joy::joy: too many flak jacket reward from milestone achieve…

Look i have 8 flak jacket and 1 beanie wool :wink::wink::wink:


Just play the new gear map.


easy to balance, sell 7 flak jackets, balanced :slight_smile:

play the new roadmap and get 1 of each a day, should keep you nice and balanced, and hope they don’t give them out as rewards anymore.


I cant farm at the new gear map hahaha


I have that reverse effect. I have eight beanies and no flaks.


Me too. I could really use Beanies, but atleast I can get one every day now, mostly for Ascendance.


Maybe we can trade hahahaha