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Human Shields, revive rushes, Doc Stevens, etc. These are all things I’ve received massive push back on from the community for suggesting that they’d be altered in a way so that they’re more in-line with their contemporaries. I used to think, “I’ve made a great argument for this, why am I receiving so much flack?” but then I realized something important. Most of the outspoken players in this community are top performing players. This mean that they have the human shields, the Doc Stevens, yadda yadda. Why would these players be in favor of something that’d negatively impact their performance? You might be thinking to yourself, “Why, that’s preposterous!” but lets think about. When’s the last time you’ve seen the community rally together and say “Yup, this toon needs to be nerfed” after many players in the community have already gotten the toon? Doc Stevens was considered game-breaking early on after he was released, nearly a year later and he’s considered “easy to beat”. Some people will say that it’s true because they were multiple toons at the time of those discussions that were effective against the Doc. Yes, he is less effective then he was before but he’s still a really good toon that’s damaged the balance in this game and has changed the way we play the game today for the worst.

The community is also prone to gas-lightning others for the sake of winning an argument. Over the past couple of years I’ve read arguments that were just plain ridiculous. For example, when making the argument that one trait is worse than another and comparing toons of both traits, I was told that “That’s gotta be the stupidest argument” I’ve ever made. Obviously, that was a ridiculous statement that individual made but of course no one stated that they disagreed with the individual, in fact the individual got more than a few likes. You could basically make a ridiculous statement on the forum and still “win” the argument just as long as you pander to a majority of the TPPs(top performing players).

I think the issue around players not wanting to nerf certain toons partly stems from the fact that this game essentially never nerfs. Players are used to getting a toon and never having to worry about it getting a true nerf. Usually, one of the arguments for not nerfing a toon is that it was paid for. It’s a terrible argument since there’s nothing in the TOS or whatever that says that your toon is exempt from direct nerfs if it was paid for. It’s just players being selfish and not wanting to sacrifice their win percentage for the greater good. How many players with “The Trader” would actually agree to him getting his specialist or active skill nerfed?

Now, onto the developers…

This game was fun to play during it’s first year but ever since then it’s gone downhill. Downhill, due to a mixture of [redacted] and greed. After “The Trader” was released, I came to a sudden realization. The developers don’t care about balance. I can’t even tell you if a developer has ever used the word “balance” on this forum. They only care about making money. They’re purposely working against creating a much more fun game by creating content that they know unbalances the game. If you’re playing a modern Mortal Kombat game, expect decent balance between the fighters. Battlefield? Decent balance between the classes. This game? Imbalanced toons, weapon effects, modifiers, etc. Unbalanced content lines Scopely’s pockets with cash because you’re constantly forced to change the way you play and sometimes it’s easier to just pay out of pocket for that change.

I guess trying to increase your profits through shady tactics makes sense but why can’t you improve the game in a timely manner? It doesn’t cost you anything but time. Consistently improving the game is part of your job but you refuse to do it. Since when do game developers take time off on the weekends?

The developers just don’t seem to understand how their decisions end up making the game worse. For example, “The Trader” has destroyed the team building experience in this game. Creating a team that can defend against a well-built team with “The Trader” is almost impossible and some teams even have two of them. The AI in this game do not possess critical thinking skills and you created a toon that can Thanos swipe a toon away. One of his weaknesses is suppose to be that you can use a weak heal to get rid of his infection effects but it becomes moot when you can pair him with Wangfa who has a powerful 100% heal reduction ability in the form of an active.

Also, did no one over there at Scopely Inc. think about the ramifications infection would cause in several modes? Nightmare Mode in SR won’t even be a challenge for some players because they’ll be able to swipe left like it’s Tinder and defeat a toon with about 20k health in a few turns. Most factions are at disadvantage in Onslaught because of infection. I guess destroying hordes wasn’t enough.

This game is not good.


not reading all this


Let me break it down for you.

I am going to call this person a he because he has a male or his profile picture.

He still thinks Dr. Stevens is overpowered. He is playing the poor pitiful me game because he was trying to Compare two totally different traits and nobody would side with him. He wants the trader dumbed down because he can’t beat them. And he thinks of the developer should work on weekends. Oh yeah and he says the game is not good but he is still here playing.

That about sums it up


This game hates strong trait.


You’re right, I do still think that the Doc should be better designed.

There’s nothing wrong with comparing 2 traits to each other.

The Trader and Mateo has “dumbed down” the game.

Keep pretending there’s no truth to what I’m saying.


So since the game doesn’t fit your agenda it should be changed right? Because I have yet to see you post a thread that was anything other than you making a point, the point being proven wrong, and you then start saying nobody likes you.

There is nothing wrong with the trader or Mateo.The game is evolving and you either evolve with it or you get left behind. Both of those characters are now available to everybody who wants to try hard enough to get them. So there is no reason to change when there are counters and the character is available to anybody in the game.


Im not reading all that but balance is nothing this game will offer. I suggest asking for 1 promo a month to slow down in the power creep. Fukn suks seeing the game move too fast.


My agenda has always been to improve the game. There’s evidence here that people are biased against me. How can I be viciously attacked for holding an opinion but when someone echoes that same opinion they’re agreed with or not being attacked?

So you think that there’s nothing wrong with defenses becoming worse overall through the addition of these 2 toons?


The only reason people disagreed with you harshly is because of the way you acted. Close minded, not open to opinions that proved you completely wrong. Then you lashed out and then played the victim. That’s the big in a little.

I believe when those two characters were first released it was tough to defend against them. Now that People understand they are able to build teams that defend against multiple enemies. So now, no I do not see anything wrong with those characters they are available to everybody. If your defense doesn’t hold them build a defense that does.

What you’re saying is like telling a football team that their defense is too good. So let’s take out these two players and put in a 90 pound or so our defense of line is equivalent to yours. Doesn’t make much sense when you look at it in other aspects…

Edit: defensive lines*

Speech to text needs a buff That is all


You’re making excuses for people to act biased towards me. How can we have a fruitful discussion if people act like 5 year-olds? How do we know that you guys aren’t the close-minded ones? Opinions are just opinions. Saying that I play the victim would mean that I attack you guys first but I’m sure that I almost never do. If anything, it’s you guys that play the victim. You get mad when I throw a punch back.

It’s still extremely tough to defend against infection teams though. Defenses being worse overall isn’t a positive thing in my opinion for the game so how is there nothing wrong with TT and Mateo?

You can’t compare this game to football. They are just too many differences between the two.


Don’t start playing victim with me it won’t work.

As for football, both are r games, both have offices in defenses, and both involve lots of money. Tell me how the comparison is wrong? Because some football players would be considered overpowered…

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I do agree that some characters do need touch ups and have there Rushes, Actives, and Specialist Skills changed to be a bit more in line Trader is a good example, should have his resistance lowered in my opinion, and also the FTP Alert Glenn he needs some improvements like his active skill frequency being increased to every turn or something and plus 20 usage. Scopley should have feedback for changes like this, SWGOH change characters that are years old, why can’t Scopely.:blush:

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I’m not playing the victim with you.

There are a lot more differences between football and this game than similarities.

For one, football has people and this game has pixels. Second, football isn’t meant to be fair to every team but that doesn’t mean the sport isn’t better this way. It’s the opposite for a game like this, more balance means more diverse options and having options is fun. Three, you’re not winning in football 99% of the time with a team unlike with Trader and Mateo.

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All right let’s approach the subject at hand. What makes a character over powered? Since there are two of you on the forms that agree at least let’s talk about it.

Priya with rampage would have been considered an extremely overpowered character when she hit. Yet you never made a thread about her. She would melt teams by herself with no problem at all but not a word was said. Is that because you have her? See, overpowered is subjective

I do not want the trader messed with. I spent money to get him. I spent money on what was advertised and I do not want somebody that can’t build a team to beat mine taking that away from me. If you spend money on something you should feel the same way.


First, ignoring the history you two might have had, you are passive-aggressively attacking @Drip since your first post, while he remains objective and polite. Don’t pretend otherwise

Second, you’re not responding to his notions, you’re sidetracking the discussion. The problem is not a Trader defense team (I can chew through them easily), he has stated several times that Trader is too OP on attack, because the AI (which stands for Absolute Incompetence) is not able to counter the infection teams in any manageable way, even with the best team set up…

Third, you’re really comparing football to a mobile game and ask what the difference is? As far as I know, football is played on equal terms, where both teams have a strategy and adapt to the situation, not where the attacking team has full command of the battlefield and the defensive line is running in random directions.

Fourth… this is getting old. If you don’t like him or his posts, don’t comment on them


How noble of you to jump to his defense. This goes back pretty far and you may want to go back and read up.

I believe I tackled the trader part head on. And if you missed it I will repeat. The trader was advertised with a certain set of stats. Those stats should not be messed with if that’s what a person paid for. Again don’t know if you’re around back then but when disarm the showing was messed with these forms exploded.

EveryCharacter in this game has a counter. Use your tools to make your teams. If you cannot make a team with those tools work harder.

Edit: disarm Michonne


Let’s forget the word overpowered, it’ll take too long to define it. The most important thing here is whether or not TT or Mateo are good additions for the game because I believe they do more harm than good.

Defense doesn’t mean as much as it used to now, survival road is easier than ever and there will be a lack of diversity as a result of people building infection teams and lacking motivation to build other types of teams.

In what ways are infection teams good for the game?

I understand you paid for the Trader but that doesn’t really mean anything. People have spent thousands on 5* teams and Scopely devalued them after a year or 2. Games nerf paid for content all the time and this game just does it in sneaky ways.

Then wait for the characters to devalue. Wait till the next stronger character comes out so you can easily beat him. If the game devalues then you have your fix.

See we can agree on that!

@YSpammer just read the history of Drip’s posts. He always does this and @sinned is completely correct to call him out on it.
He strawmans at every available opportunity, is easily the most close minded individual on the forum by a significant distance, has never shown any attempt to discuss things but instead just states his opinion then refuses to actually respond to anything that counters it - instead usually just focussing on an individual sentence taken out of context of the whole post.
@sinned and I agree on a few things and disagree on a few more, but I’ll back him to the hilt here.
The irony is, I have Trader and think he is overpowered and that his specialist should be tweaked to just 100% resist to the first negative status affect each turn rather than 50% to all as this will reduce the RNG aspect whilst increasing the tactical aspect. So I actually agree he should be tweaked. But the problem is that if you give Drip even an inch, he will take a mile. He will of course now use this to say he was right all along (despite the fact that me owning Trader and wanting him to be tweaked literally disproves his whole premise) and claim proof of ‘bias’ against him.


First time, huh?

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