Balance between farms and survivors


Farms have always been the primary means of gaining food. In raids and in maps wood is more plentiful.

The game have evolved over time to require more food for new characters. Camps can hold lots of surivors. But farms can not seem to keep up.

I find more often then not my houses are full and can not produce enough food to use them while still doing some leveling. I farm for drops when my energy is high and I turn houses fill up.

My suggestion is up food drops in game to equal that of wood of expand farm production to allow more access to food. Unless the whole game was designed not to allow you to farm and focus on getting users to buy food from the store.


Sure but the real problem is that they want to keep food scarce so it is worth a lot of Coin.

So they won’t make it easier to get food because then less people would buy food bags to get ahead.

Maybe if they were player first we would get a quality of life change but I seriously doubt it.