Balance and Odds

For four years, the FAQ and support repeated that the odds were designed to keep the game balanced. Ten people in the same faction could pull for the same premier, only a few would get it. Nobody ever liked that system and often putting money in for nothing. Especially when trying and trying for months without luck. But at least there was a logic. Everybody wanted Zach, the Doc or Harper. But if everybody gets them, then it’s pointless to raid and fight by just mirroring the same team again and again. So sh*tty… But we got it.

Now, I don’t get it anymore. How is Priya maintaining balance in the game ? Even if only five players by region get her, they’ll now be the superior caste. Even in defense behind Pete and with the right mods, that toon is the end of all equilibrium… There is not the slightest doubt about that.

Are we at the end of the game ? Is this the laést attempt from Scopely to make money before saying “goodbye and duck you” ?
Or am I missing something ?
Or is there an actual plan to keep the game balanced, @GR.Scopely ?


That’s obvious they don’t wanna balance the game. Whales want to have a huge advantage over casual spenders and f2p players. They want OP toons like Priya. They wouldn’t pull for a toon that is slightly better than the previous promo. Scopely is all about money, they don’t care about f2p players because they don’t get money from them


It’s not a game anymore.

It’s a glorified slot machine.
This company has taken a game and manipulated it to a convoluted gambling utensil.

And if you have trouble not playing and feel like you might miss out than that is addictive personality traits they look for and exploit.

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Thing is they now push the “normal” whales out of the circle. Only a very small portion of the ptp base has 1-2k to spend on a single toon. People that used do some big pulls on a new promo wont do it anymore, because why spend on a non s-class? I can’t see this being more profitable…

Me neither honestly… Only a handfull of players must have the money to buy s-class. (Apparently an average of 20 big pulls are required.) So if classic 6* are useless and most players don’t bother pulling anymore I think the end is near.

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Also that gambling element is much weaker now that you know you need at least 10-20 pulls to land the toon. The excitement of having a chance to maybe pull it in a 10 or single is gone, so normal whales and casual spenders wont even bother. Nowadays being lucky means you get the promo for a 1000 bucks lmao :joy:


Good analyze of the psychological factor, indeed !

Agree, even the twinge I’d excitement from my SC pulls is gone. Particularly as the other toons on the promo wheel are useless. Funnily enough, last night, I got six star clem off my SC pull. I was like… meh… I already have her

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