Badges are cool and all


The badges are cool and all but my question is this, I had a comment flagged but can not pin point which comment it was. I do not care who flagged it but I would like to know the comment that was flagged as I do not think any of them should be. I don’t call anyone names or use obscene amounts of profanity/ I do not call for people to stop playing or stop spending. Where can we see our flagged comments?


Should be in your notifications tab


In the notification area of your profile. Then click the link in the message.


All it says is “first flag” which takes me to a description of the badge


I believe that’s referring to you flagging someone else. I doubt you would get “rewarded” with a badge for BEING flagged.


Well now I feel stupid lol


It happens to the best of us. No worries. Lol


Aww haha no worries!

I thought that when I saw it first too!