[Badge Guide] Gotta Collect’em All



How To Collect Forum Badges :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside::droplet::fire::name_badge::beginner:

You may have noticed if you hover over and click on your fellow forum members’ display icon, you can see their “Badges” that they have earned at the bottom.

Receiving Badges
There are two ways to receive a badge:
Manually granted by an administrative user
Automatically granted by the system
Furthermore, all badges have some optional properties.

Allow badge to be used as a title
Can be granted multiple times
Show badge on the public badges page
Show post granting badge on badge page

You can also see all of the “Badges” you or others have earned by visiting their profile page.

List of all Badges (and how to unlock them):


Awesome! @BabYagun. Also I think there is a way to make our own community badges that can be unlocked based on our own specified criteria. I was looking into this so if you have some cool ideas, just let me know.


The “first flag” badge should be a badge of shame.


Made me giggle :wink: :black_flag: :bomb: