Bad time for maintainence?

What the hell? During farming / Level up also?? :disappointed:


Meh. I was busy farming the stupid gear map Cus I’ve been gear Blocked…

Agreed letter of dead only up for 12 hours too where I am is 0:30am already so do I stay up unknown time to complete or waste the fact I coined for more energy to finish it.

Warning would be nice scopley!

Sort it out!


Maintenance is always inconvenient to someone somewhere. It would be nice to have it announced ahead of time, but at least wasn’t during war this time.


Just got this after doing a phase on FA, them points better be thefe…

Ahh I remember that. I had hit okay a few times and left it a minute. Waste of World Energy :disappointed:

That’s true

You know you can send out notices to the player’s that your going to be doing Maintenance at a certain time & date. So nobody loses out on what their doing. Any game I’ve played don’t just pop up blocking your game like this


I’m back in now

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Scopely Server Room


Lol at that farm team.

Usually has blue Kenny in there but he’s away on a scav lmao. It’s random af but it’s always worked :joy: