Bad blood roadmap

I finished the bad blood roadmap but the game glitched and now I can’t open the save or protect roadmap even though I’ve finished the bad blood roadmap. Need help fixing this or who I can talk to to fix it.

You can’t open it because it’s locked! It would be opened in aprox. 24 hours.
There’s a timer there for a reason, you know?!


Ask Alexa.


Oh you poor thing. The roadmaps aren’t open bc they are on timers. Regardless of what you do it won’t open until the timers run out. Come back tomorrow to the roadmaps and they should be open. If not, then you have a issue. Until then, you do not.


in the roadmap screen, look at the top right and wait for it to scroll. if it shows x1 next to the red fanny pack, you got what you need and can probably open it as soon as the timer runs out.

I’m glad some of you were trying to be nice here cause I can’t lol

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