Back to Square One - it’s bad now


Ok, so now that we’ve introduced 6s, 5s are becoming obsolete in terms of war and raids. At first everyone had only one or two 6s, and it started slow so it was fun and new, but now I’m screwed.
All the money and time I spent into getting 5
characters means nothing because 6s can ruin your team. Cool cool cool. It just pisses me off that I see upcoming players now spend money and destroy my teams even though I’ve spent the money and time and effort I have over the course of two years.
Im not sure why we never received prestige level rewards for legendaries, or rewards for when you joined the game, rather than put everyone back on the same playing level again. Would like to see those who joined early on and are still here to receive a great 6
character. Or 6* equipment based on prestige points. The prestige michonne is now outdated and useless and there’s nothing being done about it.
Furthermore, the only way to quickly advance these 6s is to pay money for deals and offers. Rewards during comps are not useful. 5 tokens or medals don’t help me when I don’t have characters to ascend. The 5* token wheel update has placed 6 legendaries in it, but the chances of getting one in comparison to the many 5s you placed in there are slim. And the 5 character I just pulled from tokens from comps, which I had always wanted, is now useless.
I’m pissed that for as much time, effort, and money that I’ve put into this game, I feel like I’m back on page one, and it sucks to now struggle in war and raids again, just because I have the misfortune of owning only a couple legendary characters that I can’t T4, or really use to make a great defense attack team that is as strong as when we only had 5* characters. This last war really showed that. I know a few other people in my faction that are equally pissed, because we aren’t a pay to play faction. We spend a little here and there, and over the course of two years it paid off, but now we are back to square one, and I can only assume over the course of another two years will I be able to once again compete with the top of my region, right when 7* characters are released.


I guess you have better luck than me, because I have Carl Tyreese and Zeke. I spend tapjoy coins and have a few times in the past spent real money. It doesn’t negate the time and effort I’ve put into this game to be back at the bottom. The ascendance rate isn’t working for me, and I’m not the only one who has this issue in my faction or on this forum. But with your players and weapons, yea I suppose it’s not that bad for you.


This would all be resolved if they rolled back the stat boost… I really still don’t understand the need for it other than to make people spend… in which case it sucks and is definitly not player first. The balance they had was perfect. . There were some really interesting and challenging teams popping up. For the first time ever id managed to create a decent defense… ah well… guess I’ll quit soon enough if things stay the same… losing interest at this point - im really only still playing for my fac mates.


I at this point refuse to even watch tapjoy videos… I want to feed this company zero extra until they get their shit together.


I get it. There are about 6-7 players in my faction losing interest. I’m not about to start back on page one. And especially after reading the cheating in Coosa region, players having full teams of maxed 6* thanks to VK. Likely we won’t last long as a fac, but who knows.


No joke! They also said they would never sell 6*s in R&R, but that’s where the whales feed so we’ve seen that change…


This +1.

Will add that it’s not just whales, but anyone willing to pull their wallet out for a chance to compete


I am losing interest a lot lately, but since the 6’s I have jumped a heap in rep ranks, and have a solid defense team. The only weapon I have is a lousy better chance AD weapon. I just need some stun toon or weapon then I should be ok for a while. I’m mostly f2p too, moreso since the 6’s, i refuse to spend on a chance to get an outdated 5.