Back to back wars with the same faction

What happened to not fighting the same faction over and over again in back to back wars? I thought Scopely fixed this. Has happened to my faction multiple times already in day 1. @kalishane

Worst war ever

we’re having 3 factions circling over and over again…and we have less games than some factions below us. Don’t know if it is the worst, but I’m not enjotying it.

We just had 4 consecutive wars vs the first placed faction. (We are fifth in rep, and currently 4th in this tournament) They have definitely fucked up something in the matchmaking.

If you feel like you are trapped in a que loop with a particular faction(s) hold off on queuing for war for a period of time and watch for their war score start to climb and then que. This is not a perfect solution but it is a working work around.

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