Back to back start times

@kalishane please tell us we’ll have some time to adjust before war starts this weekend. Starting faction SR right after faction level up really hurts some factions. We need time to make moves.


Thanks for the feedback CG! I’ll share it to LiveOps


yes, we are trying to add someone but it’s going to be a little tight before war. We need more wiggle room to make roster moves.

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Does that mean we’ll have time in between faction SR and war?

I don’t know yet.

I will share the sentiment and see if it changes. I’ll let you know!

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This is not true.

Please give me an example of how I avoid doing that while still doing my job?

Serious question.


I did.

I can share how you feel to the team and let you know if something comes of it.

I can’t physically change the start times. So, I can’t put into place what you’re requesting.

Please do not insult me. I do not insult you Pagan. I am trying to help the community and bridge the gap of communication.


Thanks. As a leader of two factions I beg for that extra time. We need to get set.


this is a common issue, it shouldn’t have to keep being brought up.
by now…you would figure the company would take that into consideration but they dont.
its utterly baffling how simple things are never accounted for.

oh well :yum:


oh my…lol…waits for kailshane to respond :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

Oh wait, so are you saying as of right now faction SR and war will start back to back?

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I agree being called ‘bad’ as an insult. I understand you didn’t intend that and appreciate the response.

‘You’re as bad as’ [insert anything here] is saying I’m bad at what I do.

I am attempting to do what I can to help. Thanks for understanding.


I hear you.

I’m sorry I can’t give you straight answers – I know as much as you know aside from upcoming features (which are a surprise like any other game.)

This game has a lot of moving parts and – it’s been quite the learning curve to get others to understand what I need to know and when.

It’s getting better but – there’s so much going on – and with most of the team in Canada, I do what I can to keep ahead of it all. I promise you that. I don’t like being in the dark any more than you do. Promise.

But! Regarding your post – I shared it to the slack – and am awaiting a response. They may very well be aware – but I want a response so I know more too.


Please @kalishane

Still waiting. I will let you know!

Thanks- as ason as you know?. If I need to beg someone else, let me know. Lol

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Aww haha. I mean – same here! I think we’re on the same page.

It’s never intentional. Me asking for clear answers on this side is much similar to what you’re going through as well.

Things are always changing – I’m not always in the room. Sometimes decisions are made late at night. Etc.

I do what I can to be ahead of it. No one likes abrupt change and – I do what I can to give you a head’s up.


@kalishane can only do so much, damn that did come across pretty harsh saying she is as bad as so and so. Cut her some slack, she tries to give answers the best she can, than when people barrage her with remarks can you blame her for getting quiet. Yeah back to back start times tick me off too, but you can’t kill the messenger.


Oh! I understand.

I obviously can’t answer every question and, as i’m sure you’ve seen – I get asked the same questions a lot and there most likely wasn’t too much movement since I answered last time – so I might not have anything to tell.

I normally only answer ‘I don’t know’ if it’s up in the air and may or may not happen. I don’t want to say yes and then – break anyone’s heart or incite a riot. That is the part of my job that is PR related. Hence the nightmare after I said “soon.” (Which the character came out one week later.)

There are things that I can’t give dates on – so soon really is all I can say. But, that’s across all games and directly involves marketing, etc.

Okay – update – working on it now. Seeing if we can get more time inbetween.


Please, please, please and thank you.

At least 2 hours would be so much help.

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