Back to back Raids?



If the raid event ends tomorrow morning and survival road and level up starts Friday, what’s going on in the middle? Will it be back to back Raids? Or do we just not have an event?


Well theres a 4* parts map tomorrow so thats something



Why wasn’t this made clear before? It’s not hard to make a second box that says the exact same thing. It feels like you avoided it because you knew we wouldn’t like it. Shouldn’t that tell you something?


She probably didn’t even know. From everything that goes on around here I Imagine they are as bad at communicating with each other as they are at listening to the players and making reasonable events and event milestones.


Lol they did it on purpose for sure … not like a heads up would of made it any better though … keep surviving lol scopely is so trash


this is likely accurate


Doesn’t the calendar say that raid tourney will end today and the next events will start tomorrow?

So you have to wait until the next day…what’s the big deal? I thought we all complained that there wasn’t enough time to switch factions and all that, now there’s too much time -_-


It was solo raid. You can do whatever you want in your factionduring solo events. That has nothing to do with it.

The problem is that we have 2 raid events within 2 days (less than 24 hours) with the regular milestones.

The bigger problem is we had to learn this was the case through VK even though there is an event calendar depicting what events occur and when.


I wasn’t paying attention to vk the last few days, if I had it would have been more clear. A glance at the calendar made me think there would just be one raid tournament. There will be a raid tournament during the egg drops after all I guess.