Back to back lvl ups

You people working at scopley must think we have unlimited resources. Seriously though enough with the damn level tourneys. If you expect me to go out and buy those horrible offers/trainer crates,just so i can compete. You’ve lost your minds.


They must think we like level ups. There was an idea floating around to boycott these things. I’m thinks of just not doing it.


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I just got 500k off a bunch of t2 5 stars and 1 t3 5 star. Only levelled them to about level 30. Took one scavenger mission, and about 50 2 star toons. If i’d done a bit of prepping the higher milestones would have been fairly easy, compared to recently. That’s probably not going to place me highly, but I got some free gear, so pretty much something for nothing. I’m choosing to just run scavenger missions, and reckon i might hit the second top milestone if i’m lucky. The new point system is a big improvement, presuming you have some 5 stars unleveled in your roster.

The game is becoming more about choosing which tournaments to play. You can’t play them all without running dry on resources, although the new scoring makes that a bit less of an issue. So, choose what you’d rather have- gold nuggets, or save up for the Christmas event. Christmas event starts tomorrow, so just hold of levelling till it launches, and make a decision then.


I’m honestly fine with the frequency of level up tournaments. I was never leveling up my characters otherwise.

What I’m not fine with is hiding museum items behind milestones, especially when there isn’t notice that that is what’s going to happen.

So long as people are kept in the loop as to what the rewards and milestones are for the tournaments, then it’s fine.

Notice was given since it is a pay wall game and Scopely need for $.
So if you did not know this is your notice Scopely puts need stuff in all things.

Rewards are still crap. Why do we even bother trying to give Scopely feedback when it falls on deaf ears?

Well i just hit 2 mil + in faction lvl, so needless to say i am spent on resources and not much left to even level aside from a few very high lvl t4 5* and one brand new 5* i pulled. As well as a 5* carl scopley just gifted me for being a monthly pass holder.

Not gonna sugar coat it… you messed up.

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Yea but some knowledge of having another tournament directly after would have been nice. I would have used my 2 mil points here instead.

I mean… it was on the calendar… With the gold nugget event going on, you can safely assume that many future tournaments will give gold nuggets too.

Yea but it also said it was suppose to be solo sr and we got fac lvl instead, so how am i suppose to know that the sr was turned to fac lvl up and the solo lvl wouldn’t then turn into solo sr?
Seeing as having back to back level ups, is a pretty. bad idea tbh.

I figured they just switched the type of level up and we would still be getting solo sr.

Its pretty safe to say that following the calendar has been flawed. I mean how many time have they switched faction tournaments to solo’s? Its been quite often so some kind of announcement stating that aside from switching from solo sr to fac lvl, would have been nice.

We still got the solo SR. The faction LU was confirmed to be only live in certain regions, so it wasn’t like the faction LU made the solo SR not happen.

And I won’t disagree, the calendar has been flawed multiple times in the past. But looking aside that, there were multiple mistakes made by going for 2Mil for that faction LU.

  1. It is extremely much harder to get 2Mil for faction LU rather than a solo LU. You could have saved more resources by waiting for a solo LU. The T4 gear has been featured multiple times in LUs so far that it isn’t a 1 off thing, or limited time reward.

  2. With the gold nugget event live, the general and mostly correct assumption is that any event from that point on, if it is given to all regions, should have gold nuggets. The prizes for the solo SR should have been indication of that too. You should have expected to get a LU event in the future that would have given gold nuggets.

  3. Let’s assume the calendar is super flawed, and there’s no solo LU this week. That doesn’t cross out the possibility that there will be a solo LU in the week after, or the week after that.

I hate to bust your balls, but the Dwight event should have been good indication that to get the event collection items, it’s best to be conservative and smart with the resources.

If we have another one in a week thats atleast time to gather resources. 1 hour after fac lvl isnt gonna do it.