B Tyreese supply depot

Hey so, I been playing since the 1st August. I check supply depot every week. B tyreese has yet to show up. So yesterday I bought 8,250 coins and refreshed. The supply depot 41 times. I ended up with like 200 wc and 300 raid cans this off base number as I had a lot from previous aow . A blue Andrea red wanderer However blue tyreese never showed up. Was he secretly removed from supply depot in locked regions. I pretty much simulated almost a year of supply depot weekly refresh. I did see r gov g Glenn many times over as well as Andrea and wanderer. Anyone seen b ty in supply depot recently??? Really need the quote” f2p “ranged decap. I don’t want to waste anymore money if he been nerfed out of supply depot.

Tyreese to the museum please is certain


So you can only get world cans/raid cans in 1 slot. If a world can is there next time it’s raid or 3/4/5 star. The limit of cans is 5 per restock.
41 X 5 = 205. How did you end up with 500 cans blue ty aside? :joy: (and no Ty shows up for me once and a while)

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I had a bunch from aow sorry just that was number I ended with. It seemed like every refresh wc and raid cans were there so I purchased. So you seen b tyreese talking to my faction mates they all have also been watching every week and never seen him. Trying to figure out how the supply depot works as if it was a pattern I would of seen him.

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Okay clears my question. Hope you get lucky one day and get him. Hope they throw him in 5* tokens later when it’s getting a update once more.

Did you pray to RNGesus? Doesn’t sound like it so I’m not surprised you were smited you heathen


No, guess I need to. I have quote an unlucky acct or a marked acct. I been told since I spent so much money on pulls and token wheels and still don’t have the current meta set up. My co partner who always got mvp in aow so that’s why I had so many raid cans as I was always second. But he spent half as me and pulls the premier toon on just a 10 pull well I do two 40 and ever pull

Yer I started a new account in the last 6 months and blue tyresse seems to be evading me aswell shame he is still one of my fav ftp toons much better than decap alpha imo

That’s what I use now is alpha. But really need a range team. For those green and red revive team set ups. Alpha even set with attack set up doesn’t hit red or green remotely hard enough to land effective decaps when needed

8,250 coins huh :thinking:. I don’t believe that but if it’s true, well he was probably secretly removed. He hasn’t appeared in my supply depot for almost a year now either.

74.99 usd coin sale gets you 8,250 coins started yesterday evening for me? I figured I spend that many on 40 pulls might well do a 40 pull for tyreese blue

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Damn man, I have 3 wish I could spare you one

I wouldn’t be greedy just would love one of yours lol!! so have you gotten him out depot past months or was he from long time ago xgen. I just like why waste another 41 refreshes if he has been secretly removed. As sounds like a lot of people also have not seen him in supply depot

Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen him in a long time. I’ve seen most of the others but not ty.

I picked him up from SD a couple months ago. Haven’t seen him again since. I think you’re on to something.

I have three accounts have 7 tyresses on one 4 on the other and 0 on my new account.
Both my other accounts I routinely use a double tyresse attack team great for ripping through magna Erica teams especially equipped with double attack weapons throw in a michonne and a Dwight u can kill most team’s quick

Can see why he was removed from 5* tokens with older players collecting an army of them but makes a huge difference to the younger players think it was a bad move removing him

He is still in the depot.

This is my depot this week as of 2 mins ago.

Same here saved up 55,000 SD tokens for him and he hasn’t popped up in the last 3 months for me. If he doesn’t appear then I will get wanderer.

Nvm ur right.

That looks like yellow tyreese

Are you on a newer locked server ?