Axel leader skill is bugged

Instead of 2 turns 100% resist to stun it’s one turn now ?
Wtf scopley fix your game.
Since I already started to write. Why don’t you fix Noor as well . it’s not a big deal but it’s really annoying.
The problem with Noor is when you command her after rushing . Instead of Noor gaining an extra action. The action goes to the last teammates who take action before Noor (I think the problem happen when Noor clear stun from a stunned teammates when she rush )
I may record a video of this bug if needed .

I passed this already last week to Ladygeek and she passed it to Scopely.
From now on it’s like always, show patience and prey for a fast fix.

I’m interested in the video for Noor please :slightly_smiling_face:

I use noor all the time never had that issue, after rushing she already gets another turn due to follow up so commanding will go to the toon before her same as if she gets stunned from her initial rush she can’t then be commanded so it also goes back to the toon before her

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I am not a noob mr . I am talking when command her after the follow up

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im just saying I use her all the time and it never happened to me, so was just suggesting what could of happened no need to get upset about it

I also tried to recreate the situation, but couldn’t. What toons do you use besides Noor, is it against certain teams?

I’d keep trying.

Line id and I will send it to you

Edit :
Video already been sent

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Can you send to me too plwass? “Linkesus.”


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