Axel does it again

Even if you got they won’t be there, scopely coders are colorblind

Red flags are a sign of danger, black flags are used by pirates, nuff said. :skull_and_crossbones::pancakes:


Fool me once, shame on you…


Do you know what would have been the right way to unveil a new feature scipley?

It would have been to hold a huge f2p event with Axel and get everyone excited about the new dual specialists. Then after that is all said and done introduce a couple more and place them behind the usual paywall.


That’s unrealistic. Something brand new and shiny is always expensive. The excitement is already there. But this method of obtaining this character might be the worst i could possibly think of. What a miserable job by scopely.

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Just checking, you didn’t buy the red kite bags, and not the red flag bags…?

Edit: as in, you didn’t buy the bag below expecting flags, and you actually got kites? Because that would explain why you pulled something but it isn’t appearing in your inventory.

Ah man, that would be embarrassing.

I opened all bags of kite and got zero 0 kites!

There are flag bags too. May not be the case, but it would make sense…

aaaand, you’ve lost them

had to ask someone for the content since I bought them all, but no no mistake from my side

Just checking. You wouldn’t be the first person crying foul, only to find the only bug was in the person’s intelligence…

Hope it gets sorted for you. Whilst support are usually useless, they do occasionally solve stuff so make sure you give that a try. If not, I’m sure the nice people at Google or Apple will assist


I’ve gathered a few of those reports to bring to our dev’s attention.

I have quite a few claims from various players experiencing the same, so it’d tend to validate it on my side, but I’ll need to hold onto our tech team to dive in further before I can confirm there’s an actual issue, along with the potential next steps.

I shall bring further news upon hearing back.

Thanks again for your patience.

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then why did you spend even if you know how scopely works

Fantastic insight there Captain Hindsight


Thanks mate I am here to help anyone to see how everything look like.


Captain hindsight!!!

I lol’d

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I also purchase all then bags for 3000 coins and did get 10 Red Flags and a Black Flag when I wanted to upgrade Axel the Black Flag disappeared. I have sent info to Support but I already know it isa keep on surviving. Happily their was a prior issue 2 days ago so will just refund the while days purchases that was 10 big coin packages as the developers don’t care about clients

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The issue is now acknowledged

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