Awsome anniversary event so far Scopes


Just saying I’m so thankful for this unforgettable anniversary event so far. :roll_eyes:The select few who got the “accidental” offer are surely gonna keep the cash flow rolling I’m sure.


Yeah it’s been great. I’ve pulled 2 Shiva Force Ezekiels after already getting the free one last year.


I just wish they would have special chars. Like a 6* LIlly, Alice, and Dr Stevens. Maybe even a 6* hunter Tyressea she deserves to be a 6* along with Hunter, Chris. the others are just plain 5*/4*


Hunter is already a 6* but meh


Hate it when I get free stuff


no not that hunter. Chris from the hunters. think Gareth from the TV show only less pyscho


I mean they added the Blue Barker who’s Exklusiv in this Wheel and Legendary Lilly will come with Gov Faction Assault. About the Others they will again get Nothing.


yea its awesome i pulled three garretts and a zeke smh


I love the event so far, I got a green and yellow team but got a red Jesus, I just hope I don’t get a dup


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