Auxiliary mods (Beta)

Upon request i have made a separate thread showing the Auxiliary mods or in basic terms the mods that are affected when being attacked or attacking a Character, you may attach two of these to your character, one in the aforementioned auxiliary slot and one in the Wildcard slot, you may not attach two of the same mod



Thank you kind sir!

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Note the other mods are as you’d expect, the resist section does all impairing afflictions like stun and maim, the trait mod either adds atk against it defence against certain traits and 3rd slot is extra health or atk.

I‘m not sure if these mods will make me happy.


Yeah, that’s what I guessed for the other slots.
Some interesting choices here. I also wonder if Burn and Bleed would stack.

No- Atk while impaired means while your character is impaired they receive an atk buff, which is based on the rarity of the mod, so if you have the bronze mod and are impaired you get a 17-35 % atk boost

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Minus AP on Attack seems pretty decent aswell. If Bleed and Burn stack, they could be a nice niche.

Oh and more crit for guardians. :smiley:

Burn doesnt stack from what i can see

Hmm. Too bad. :-S

Just thought if I have a red toon with gold ap drain on atk would that work with ap down on atk weapon special if so you’d be draining either all or half there rush which would be powerful

They need to tone down graze by a lot. It’ll be all anyone uses in its current state

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I’d like to know the percent chance our current weapons (abs def, stun, impair) have to activate before we start investing in things to resist them.

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