Autofill With Non-Lead in SR Tourney


In Patch 9.0, it was mentioned that when using Autofill, characters with lead skill would be prioritized. But, in the current SR tourney and previous SR tourneys, when I Autofill I would end up with 6* Ty as lead.

This seems to only occur when there’s a restriction on the stage, i.e) blue and yellow only.


mine fills with a lead skill toon now …


Yeah, I made an edit in my post…it seems to only happen when there’s a restriction on the stage.


Player Name: Katolo
Faction: Carnivorous Monsters
Region: Hart
Device: S8+
OS Version:
Platform: Android
What were you doing immediately before encountering the bug? Autofill in SR Tourney
Does the bug occur every time? Yes
If it occurs every time, what are the steps you take to make the bug occur? See above.

Just to repeat, in point 5 of the 9.0 Patch Notes, autofill does not prioritize characters with lead skills for the leader slot during survival road tourneys. It seems to only occur when there is a persona/trait restriction on the level.


What I have noticed is that it won’t a sign a 5 star as leader over a 6 star, so if you only have a non leader 6 star available then you won’t have a leader in the leader slot.