Auto-sell option for low-level toons and weapons

Dear Scopely,

I’d like to be able to auto-sell toons and auto-breakdown weapons through 3* (some may want 4* for toons). Players could check off the star level(s) they want to auto-sell. Please put this in an upcoming Quality of Life update.


P.S. - This would pair nicely with an “Open All” button on Basic Rewards (although “Open 100” would be a step in the right direction).


They already have Long Press for selling them, so not sure what u mean by auto sell

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What is long press?

and terrorties crashing

If you have 15 one-star toons to sell and there are 12 different ones, then long press doesn’t really help much. I just want them converted to food automatically.

Long press = hold your finger and it selects all of the same type. It’s helpful for collecting all of your food, materials, and territory rewards and when selling lots of identical weapons. (I don’t find it as useful for selling characters.)

Yup. Just turn 1-star toons into food, 3-star into supply points, 1* to 3* weapons into weapon parts, etc. (people decide what they do/don’t want to auto-sell/convert).

You have saved me like hours of my future life. Thank you :slight_smile:

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all these bugs are annoying

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