Auto play tweek

I love the new faster auto play. It’s completely screwed up tower grabbing in war but whatever. It’s made farming with fac leads so much easier.

The only problems I see with it are when you are doing something time critical. Examples of this would be hitting terries or war battles where the successful hit is more important when it’s done faster and you are deal with Shields and evasion or indomitable toons that you can beat easy but it takes time.

One, being able to select the target when auto starts is great. The problem is, that once you hit that button it clears the target and you have to spam tap to get it back potential wasting a hit somewhere else that may screw stuff up later. Worst case that triggers a rush that sets you back a couple rounds. Best case, it delayed you killing the target by a hit or the next round.

Two, stopping auto between rounds. This for me at least, always comes up when fast hits are required. ‘yes! Shield is dead’ or ‘finally Wyatt is down.’. The next target the app pics is obviously the correct target to hit. The thing is, as the round finished I noticed that there is a support toon that I’d rather hit first but with auto on I have no choice and will probably lose two hits which makes the switch moot.

Any other people have these problems?

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Disagree. Grabbed them with auto before the 3x and grab them now with 3x. No difference.

No thanks. Whats the point in having auto if its gonna stop. Play it on 2x and then hit the button when you want it to stop. The whole point of this was to speed up farming.

There used to be an art to grabbing towers with the old auto. Use toons with low AR and tap away or auto and spam the screen with huge group attacks.

And I guess I meant the option to stop between rounds.

Maybe even a no rush auto play. My walker teams work faster even with my tapping away than with all the ARs going off.

If it’s messing it up, then don’t use 3x? Isn’t that why there’s that speed option?