Auto fill Scavenger missions not hitting requirements


There was an update a while ago where autofill seemed to hit the requirements, however if a 6* is available it will always use it/them regardless of if they fit the requirements or not. This is quite like what originally use to happen with Scav missions where it would just use the most powerful characters.

I streamed at the weekend and made a quick example of this: should start at 56mins 48seconds.


Thanks for a concise video of the issue. Will get a bug logged.


Thanks lockdown I was curious about that I’ve been doing it long enough that I kind of know what character should be going in it but it was nice when you could just Auto load and give you the bonus items after completion of mission.
Besides I’m guessing everyone has the chart for the scavenger missions in the setups of each for what you’re supposed to send characters on for the bonus