Auto-Farming Feature


I know that many folks feel the same about this topic.

The option to auto-farm should exist. I’ve played phone games that have this option and it’s AMAZING.

Just check the box or press the button to enable “auto” and run through your energy.

A prime example of this feature’s usefulness would be on this “zero energy map” that’s going on right now. What a cool thing, a zero energy map. It would be even cooler if I could press a button and walk away and have it farm for me. I’d likely use more world energy jugs on a daily basis as well if this feature existed.


Auto farm and an AR disable button for the loop too


AR disable feature would be indeed very nice. It has been requested since day1 but never heared.

@kalishane could you put it in your list for next Jour fixes??


That would be clutch for walker levels.


AR disable per character not for the whole team though. So you can let Earl still AR, as his boosts are helpful for Zombie auto farming.


absolutely right


Something like this was suggested many times bevor… I would welcome this feature! Besides work, family life, friends and Twd tourments there is not much time left for farming. Of course I have a fast farm team (with trainies) but I still have not the time to check my phone every minute…


I disagree. You’re essentially not playing the game anymore. People complained about people using bots to speed up attacks. For zero energy, you could run a script and do it all day.

It would be cool though if you could autofarm under normal conditions until your energy is used up but how would you assign faction drop leaders?


Definitely I agree with the AR disable feature when prompting an auto farm in world maps. That will greatly shorten the time of auto farming.


Anything that just speeds up monotonous farming. Nothing needed that changes the odds or makes stages easier. Just quicker.

-Option to disable AR when on auto
-Option to enable x2 speed on auto
-Option to consume more than one salvage token at a time.
-Option to “supercharge” a stage by multiplying the normal amount of energy required by the amount of times you want to run it. Total number of end loot would adjust accordingly.
-Heck even just a 3rd act for frequent roadmaps like shirts and gloves or survivors that costs twice or thrice as much energy but gives much more loot per run.

For the last two: Again, nothing about making drops more frequent or changing the rng. Odds are still the same, the rate is just changing. For example you on average would still be getting 5 items per the stage’s normal energy, you are just making it so that if the goal is to use up 30 energy to get 50 items, it’s not taking up 10 runs and 10 minutes total anymore, it’s taking 1 run and 1 minute total for the same bounty.

Any or all would work.


Oh the supercharge option sounds even better than the aitofarm option!


The only accceptable one for them imo and the one I’m waiting for so long is the possibilité to disable AR when autofarming. All the other ones mean that we’ll spend less time playing the game so it certainly is a no go for them.


Swipe right, defend
Swipe left, active skill
NEW swipe up, disable AR

Star wars has 4x speed, ill be happy with that


Hi David!

Just to clarify – when auto-playing, we’d like a feature to disable AR right?

I find it frustrating when auto-playing myself. hehe TY


YES PLEASE! :ghost:


Yes and/or speed up the process. Tokens are great but a very limited in their use and qtys most players maintain. Farming is a HUGE part of the game for everything from events to war to collections to lvling etc. Imo needing energy cans is enough of a wall for most with the high energy cost of gear maps etc, speed should be reasonable for people to get a good amt done through a normal day easily or give the hardcore the ability to really farm heavy if they devote time to it.

As of now i just play auto mode without looking because its to slow to sit there and watch, you almost need to have something else to do while you farm.


yes, disable AR for walker farming

full auto farming would eliminate logging into the game between events, might not be good.

What i want is Auto-Dissassemble for 1* and 2* weapons… as this is useless frustrating maintenance, that we should not need to do in a game. you would need an idle armory to do this. the 1000 weapon limit and limited select of max 100 was implemented by scopely, not something wanted in the game… so fix the forced maintenance…


I think it depends though. If we’re doing walker stages, then we want to disable AR to achieve maximum crit. But if we’re farming against human attackers, then we would want the auto-farming to include AR.


or even just disable the the animations. The 2x or 4x speeds would be good as well. This is very much needed for the shirts map… Or as Survivor said a supercharge .


Yes! This all makes sense. Thank you.