Australian factions

i am looking for players to join my new australian based faction…am tired of time differences etc…aussie battlers…all welcome

Yo, what region are you in?

Why would you want 30 people who’re gonna be online at pretty similar hours? Makes no sense tbh


Onslaught, duh

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Everyone just going to be calling everyone a c*nt, trying a scab durries, talking about throwing another shrimp on the barbie and drinking themselves into oblivion to forget losing a war to some Emu.


Love it! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

But we will war a Roo, not an Emu :joy:


Hahaha that’s the same name as a faction in my old region of Sumter!

Also Drop Bears, they are savage :joy:

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Oh yeah, savage little buggers they are! Wouldn’t be Australia without them! :joy:

That’s us Aussie’s in 2 and half minutes for ya…


lol aussie here, not sure I want a fac full of us, maybe half would be nice, plus some americans and Europeans for war

Yaaaaasssss :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Yeah, half half would be perfect.

I was in an all Aussie region, so it never mattered until a few CRWs where we got royally screwed due to versing US regions. Usually we’d be matched with other dead regions with mostly Aussie/Kiwi players.

As long as they’re active Aussies and not at work otherwise the Americans are up when you get home anyway.

I’m in Dallas, scored 150k and had to score mostly at night due to inactivity in our faction during my Australian day. I’d love to have half a faction of aussies/kiwis/indonesians/philipines

Oh shit yeah NZ got a shout out finally lol

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lol baaaaaaaaaa baaa baa ! heheh

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