Attention! War Prizes Changed


Hello everyone.

Due to a glitch / bug we will no longer offer Spencer as the Top prize for War this weekend.

Instead, they will be:

1: 17500 5☆ Recruit Tokens | 4 Ultra Rare Gear Bags | 4 Active Skill Trait Trainers Bag
2: 15000 5☆ Recruit Tokens | 3 Ultra Rare Gear Bags | 3 Active Skill Trait Trainers Bag
3: 12000 5☆ Recruit Tokens | 2 Ultra Rare Gear Bags | 2 Active Skill Trait Trainers Bag

I apologize as I know you all were excited for the 5☆ character prize, as were we. That being said, we promise to offer a 5☆ (possibly ascendable) character as the top reward for ranks 1, 2 and 3 in the next war after the fix is live. (hopefully in 9.0.)

Thank you everyone. & thank you for your patience!

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This kind of sucks, but what was spencer’s card?

Appreciate the heads up and transparency.


Glitch/bug like she says.


Didn’t even know Spencer was going to be the top prize


Thanks @kalishane @theteam for killing my faction with your half assed prizes while cranking out offers and useless premier toons.


No chance for something other than ultra gear bags ? If we gonna have map with gear in Sunday it’s a bit useless :confused:


Does Spancer glitch? Or how can i understand these changes


I don’t have Spencer’s screenshot handy, but I think my faction appreciates the 5* ascendable character for next war instead :slight_smile:

EDIT: See Spencer above.


All of the prizes are useless.


I know. I’m sorry. :,(

LiveOps was excited about offering it too and we’re all bummed about this bug. It’s frustrating.

I appreciate the patience.


LOL that was going to be the first place prize?


Stuff happens, any way they could squeeze in some 6* gear?


Honest question - why would anyone be excited for spencer? He is trash might as well be Benedict


@kalishane who is making the prizes?


Right? I wasn’t going to be getting him anyway but I was planning on finding out to know if it would be something already out that might come with a 6* for war. First I’ve seen Spencer name dropped.


for real we don’t even get gear for our 6*s…why compete in war if we can just farm gear map sunday?


That card was leaked ages ago, I’d be amazed if the bug didn’t revolve around making him ascendable


But they promise. Because we know how those go…weekly gear road map.


If you read what she said it was gonna be an ascendable 5* so spencer was gonna be ascendable. But in all seriousness it s a joke the rewards arent worth the effort, what glitch stops you from putting a 5* as reward when you have never had a problem previously


What about the milestones, have those been changed or are the same ones you posted a few days ago?